I typically do no write testimonials, but I sincerely wanted to for this company. Not only were they professional and efficient but extremely thorough, understanding and caring! I recently bought a home that had undisclosed water damage and mold. I was clueless and overwhelmed. Arthur came out and inspected everything. He walked me through everything, explaining and educating me about the entire process and how mold develops etc. He put my mind at ease immediately. The process and chemicals they use are so safe that I was present for the treatment and I walked through with him as he explained. He went above and beyond, even helping with other things he discovered along the way. He came multiple times to check and ensure it was done 100% correctly with no issues. Adam also helped work on the house and he was great, very nice! I truly feel safe in my home now and can’t thank this company enough for everything they did. As they worked, it felt like I had family over, not a business. I would recommend them to anyone and will absolutely do so in the future! Thanks again! You’re a life saver!