Residential Mold Remediation

Finding mold in the home can be an unsettling discovery. This is especially true because mold that is visible has had time to grow to become visible. Mold is typically the result of a larger issue, namely a water sourced one, like a leak in a pipe or roof. It can grow unseen for relatively long time periods as pipes are hidden behind walls and roof leaks can take time to permeate down to the interior of your home. If mold is not only visible but also detected by smell, a residential mold remediation plan will more than likely be needed to address the damage. Our team of experts at Kill Mold have experienced and treated many levels of mold damage severity and can help determine the best solution for your residential mold remediation needs.

Mold is a natural fungus that can range in color and requires moisture to survive. It can grow on virtually any surface or material including wood, paper, carpet and food. They reproduce by spores throughout the air which causes mold growth. The most important thing to determine is the water source that is feeding the mold. This can be attributed to a leaking pipe, poor ventilation, condensation, humidifiers or lack of maintenance. When left to develop, mold can have harmful health effects on those without and with existing conditions, like asthma.

Though each situation varies, these are the general steps we will take to handle your residential mold remediation:

Locating the mold and water source are the most important steps as mold cannot grow when the source is contained. Once the source has been determined, the problem should be repaired and the damage can be assessed.

Upon assessment, it will become evident what areas are contaminated and to what areas the mold has spread to. Contaminated areas will be isolated and contained to prevent further spread. Mold spores will be captured from the air and filtered and scrubbed.

Mold affected materials will be removed and disposed of safely.

All non-porous materials and wood surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized. Depending on the levels of severity, different cleaning techniques will be employed to comply with standards. Cleaned materials will be left to thoroughly dry.

Structural materials will be repaired and rebuilt to restore your commercial business facility. If mold has developed in your commercial business facility, the experts at Kill Mold can quickly and efficiently remediate the situation to return you back to normal operations with minimal downtime. We understand the importance of safeguarding the health of you and your employees and ensuring your business structure’s integrity is intact.