Residential Fire & Smoke Restoration

If fire strikes your home, the damage is destructive and it can be difficult to manage and process the aftereffects, both physically and emotionally. Kill Mold understands the devastating and sudden effects fire and smoke damage can have on you and your family and our team of trained professionals will navigate you through this process to return you home safely. There are many ways that your home can be susceptible to fire. Knowing some of the most common ways fires begin in the home can help to make you more aware.

These are the steps we will take for your commercial fire and smoke restoration:

Accounting for around 48% of all residential fires, cooking fires are the most common and can be the easiest to start. They can begin on the stovetop, the oven, the grill or even in countertop appliances. Since they are often caused by grease getting too hot, it can be difficult to contain them.

Most electrical fires occur because of faulty wiring. Most of the time it will be because short circuits will spark, igniting building material and circuits are overloaded, which causes wires to overheat. Since they typically happen behind spaces, like walls or behind furniture, they can be especially dangerous.

Christmas trees can offer the perfect fire-starting capabilities. Dry trees and wood trunks combined with electric lights can pose perilous risks. It is estimated that out of every 45 Christmas tree fires, one will result in death.

Porous materials like marble and stone can be easily penetrated by soot and mildew and soft upholstery like carpet must be sanitized after being cleaned to remove stains and odors. In this final restorative step, structures will be rebuilt and equipment will be reinstalled for use again. Walls, ceilings and flooring may need to be repaired or installed. Air quality will also be examined to ensure the health of your commercial business’ employees are not compromised upon return.

Fire and smoke damage is complex and can penetrate much more than what the visible eye can see. When there are fires, there will most likely be water damage from extinguishing the fire, which should be mitigated for mold. In addition to smoke odors, soot, the result of fire, is highly acidic and can cause lasting damage to health and possessions if not handled thoroughly. It can discolor and corrode metal and discolor glass, plastic, vinyl and fabric if not properly addressed.

Though each situation is unique, our experts will typically begin with securing the remaining structure and protecting against further damage. An assessment will be conducted to create an actionable plan. From there, salvageable materials will be separated from unsalvageable materials, with items that cannot be saved being discarded. The area will be decontaminated with our specialized equipment. Once, the area has been cleared, restoration and reconstruction will occur.

At Kill Mold, we know how instantly and deeply a fire in your home can affect you and your family. Our dedicated team of experts are prepared to get you through this difficult time so that you can get back to normalcy. We know each minute and hour count and will work quickly and efficiently to lead you through this ordeal.