How Does Smoke Affect Your Property’s Contents?

Smoke is just as damaging as fire. Everyone understands how damaging fire is but once the flames have gone out, smoke begins to take over, having its own disastrous effects. Smoke is so detrimental that it doesn’t necessarily have to originate from a fire on your property. If there is a nearby fire and the wind blows in a favorable direction, your property could suffer from smoke damage. It is common with wildfires to see homes untouched by flames but ruined by smoke. Smoke not only has the potential to affect interior belongings but also structural elements as well. It is incredibly important to address fire and smoke damage as soon as possible to limit the amount and severity of damage.

Different factors like temperature and the type of fire can influence the way smoke affects the home. When smoke gets into tiny cracks or openings, this can be some of the worst damage. Smoke particles are so small that they can reach anywhere that is very porous or with small crevices, which is why it is so hard to get rid of the smell of smoke after a fire. Smoke is likened to acid as it can eat away at certain materials if left unaddressed for too long.

The most important initial step in cleaning smoke damage is ventilation. Opening up the windows and doors of the property helps to release smoke particles so that they don’t land on other items. Removing items from the affected area and cleaning every surface will also be necessary. Odor neutralizers can help to eliminate the smoke smell and also take care of the damage the smoke could cause.

Surprisingly, many more items than you may think can be saved depending on the degree of damage and the material. It is wise to keep in mind that insurance may only pay out so much and there can be limits to outside costs to replace. That said, oftentimes it is also more costly to repair than replace.

The most important thing to remember is to act as quickly as possible when it comes to smoke damage. Upholstery, clothing and wood items can all be rid of smoke but are more successfully salvaged within days or hours. When smoke and soot are left to sit for too long, it can increase costs and the length of time for remediation.

With fire, not only comes smoke damage but also potential water and mold damage. There are so many factors involved that it can become overwhelming and seemingly impossible to manage. Trusting in professionals allows you to focus on other important things while the job gets done correctly. Kill Mold offers a complete range of services to rid your business of the fire and smoke damage and allow you to return home or become operational again.

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