Commercial Decontamination and Sanitization Services

Being a commercial business owner, you have many responsibilities; one of which is the safety of your employees and patrons. Allergens, fungi, viruses and other harmful pathogens have the ability to spread widely and quickly making the risk of contracting serious illness a potential harm, especially if your business has a high volume of traffic or exposure. While cleanliness may be a top concern for you, time may be a constraint that hinders this. Kill Mold is able to completely decontaminate and sanitize your commercial business facility and its contents in a non-evasive and most effective manner, allowing you to keep your focus on the important things.

Each industry has different needs and can benefit from decontamination and sanitization services for different reasons. Where high traffic facilities like gyms may need disinfecting, food service establishments may need sanitized surfaces to prevent cross contamination and hospitals need sanitary environments for those with sensitive health. Our specialized formula and process helps to avoid the spread of contagious diseases, viruses and bacteria to promote a healthy and sterile condition. Commercial decontamination and sanitization services can reinforce cleanliness and sanitary conditions for:

  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Medical Offices/ Facilities
  • Athletic/ Gym Facilities
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Laboratories
  • Schools/ Daycare

Some industries and environments are more susceptible to the risk of bacteria and a controlled environment and reduced risk of cross contamination are often required for operations. However, most any commercial business facility and its interior surfaces can benefit from a thorough sanitization on occasion. Hard to reach areas, large scale equipment and organic matter can present their own challenges if trying to sanitize in-house. Kill Mold’s team of trained professionals, specialized equipment and materials offers results every time for continuous protection.

Though each commercial business facility offers its own unique attributes, Kill Mold can always determine the most efficient solution for your business. If the safety of your employees and patrons is of top priority to you, Kill Mold can help. Our highly effective decontamination and sanitation services destroy harmful pathogens that can cause sickness and disease, creating a safe and clean environment for your business to prosper in.

Benefits of Kill Mold’s commercial decontamination and sanitization services:

  • Affordable
  • Fast acting/ quick process
  • Non-evasive
  • Effective on porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Safe for people, animals, plants
  • Fragrance free
  • Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes at the same time
  • No area is too large or too small