Dr. Andrea Olsen w/ Kill Mold speaking about Mold in the house and how Kill Mold helps remediate it

Dr. Andrea Olsen from Kill Mold in Egg Harbor Township on Mold in the household, its causes, and how Kill Mold handles remediation. Topics discussed:

    • What is Mold?
    • How does it spread?
    • Non-toxic, ORGANIC Mold Remediation, electrostatic technology
    • Odor eliminating/COVID-19 disinfection House Sweep Special
    • Indoor Air Quality Sampling Special
    • Preventing Delayed Closings (Options to pay at closing, faster remediation)
    • Free estimates scheduled within 24 hours, most jobs completed in less than 3 days
    • Mold Match 20 Promotion (We will match an existing remediation estimate provided by a licensed company within 30 days and take 20% off

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Kill Mold will match and beat any mold estimate by 20%

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