Typical Crawl Space Problems

Crawlspaces and basements are often dark and have high moisture levels. Kill Mold offers encapsulation using vapor barriers to protect your home or business against mold and other issues.

Possible crawl space problems include:

  • Dirt more susceptible to pests and vermin
  • High humidity creates mold
  • Building materials weaken over time
  • Dank, musty odors from mold
  • Open air affects the rest of the house
  • Too much moisture

Crawl space encapsulation will protect the rest of your home from these problems.

Why Use an Encapsulation System?

A crawlspace encapsulation will protect not only your crawl space, but also the rest of your house or business. When mold becomes airborne it can cause damage or illness in the rest of the home or business, and that is why a vapor barrier installation is so important. Crawl space moisture barriers offer a layer of protection that you need. A crawl space repair keeps the rest of your house safe from mold spores, moisture, and possible pests. With the crawl space insulation and crawl space vapor barriers, Kill Mold will also help you save energy when your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently.

How Encapsulation System Works

Kill Mold will create an airtight crawlspace encapsulation for your home or office. These crawl space vapor barriers will protect your home from the issues associated with the moisture in crawl spaces and basements. Vapor barrier installations keep your heat and cooling where they are supposed to be, and balance the humidity levels in your home. Kill Mold understands just how to solve the problem of mold and keep it from returning. Kill Mold will remove all mold in the area, seal all openings, and install floor to ceiling liners to keep moisture and mold from the rest of the house or business. Sump pumps or dehumidifiers may also be installed to keep the area in top shape for the future.

Kill Mold and its basement and crawlspace encapsulation system will help your home or office run more efficiently, and will give you the peace of mind to know that mold spores are not entering your home. Through our crawl space encapsulation and crawl space repair, Kill Mold can save your health, your home or office, and on your energy bills. A crawl space moisture barrier is an airtight seal which separates the basement or crawl space from the rest of your home or office. Call Kill Mold today to install crawl space vapor barriers and give you the peace of mind you need.