Commercial Reconstruction Services

Reconstruction services can range from disaster restoration to beautification. Whether mold, fire, water or storms have inflicted damage on your commercial business or you are looking to make some improvements, the professionals at Kill Mold have much experience in all facets of reconstruction. Our team of experts know how to make sense of the damage that mold, fire, water and storms can leave behind and offer full-service restoration to return you back to business. We’ll be able to strategize a comprehensive plan and guide you to pre-loss conditions once again, ensuring you are a part of every step along the way.

Mold, water, fire and storms can cause significant damages and each present unique challenges of their own, in addition to causing stress, instability and uncertainty for you and your family. Though each type of restoration and process is different, many of the same general phases will be followed. A thorough assessment will be conducted to determine severity and strategize a plan. If your home needs to be secured to prevent against future damage, its contents will be protected. Damaged or contaminated materials and contents will be sorted for salvageability. Items that can be saved will be deep cleaned and sanitized for future use and those that are badly damaged will be removed and discarded. Once the area has been cleaned and cleared out, reconstruction can begin. Structural components like roofing, flooring, ceilings and walls will be rebuilt and installed. Further testing may be done for environmental integrity, like air quality, to be sure your home has been restored to all standards and pre-loss condition.

Though it can be difficult to see past the trouble that’s been caused, a reconstruction project can be an opportunity to rebuild better than before. Replacing or rebuilding structural elements can offer a stronger sense of stability and a chance to improve upon what once was. New fixtures, flooring and ceilings can breathe new life into a space. We will coordinate the entire process and make sure that you are aware of all parts of the plan. Designing and communicating a clear plan of scope, finances and expectation is key to a smooth reconstruction. Our experienced team will establish a timeline and actionable plan to achieve all objectives.

Trusting in the Kill Mold professionals means you’ll be able to rest assured that no detail will be left out. There are many facets to reconstruction that can easily be overlooked and cause potential problems in the future, which is why choosing professionals offers the greatest benefit. Our extensive experience gives us the advantage of being able to help with choices and decisions that general people outside of our trade may not be aware of. At Kill Mold, we treat each commercial restoration individually to offer the most optimal results. Having a trusted and experienced partner on your side can help to bestow stability and confidence in an uncertain and sometimes difficult time. Our wide range of experience, knowledge and care is what you can rely on to ensure your reconstruction is in trustworthy and able hands.