Can I Use Bleach To Kill Mold?

Finding mold in your home or business can be frustrating. Some may not even understand the potential dangers of mold or choose to live in denial and ignore the issue. However, these choices can prove to have disastrous consequences. When mold settles indoors, it can have adverse health effects in addition to deteriorating the structure of a building. If you encounter mold in your home, it may seem reasonable to use bleach to try to eliminate the intruder but this is highly unadvised. Although it can be worrisome that mold remediation will be costly, it is much more important to ensure your mold discovery is handled properly and your loved ones, employees and customers are safe.

Oftentimes, bleach can actually contribute to the spread of further mold growth. Mold can only thrive with an adequate water source and bleach is comprised of 90% water. When the chlorine evaporates, water is able to soak into a porous surface and contribute to the flourishing of additional mold. Although you are able to use bleach on porous surfaces like tile and glass, bleach is also highly corrosive and can destroy other porous materials such as wood and metal. It is able to weaken the fibers in wood and corrode metal almost instantly. For nonporous surfaces, bleach is ineffective, which means on soft items like furniture or upholstery, using bleach to kill mold will be useless.

In most cases, bleach is usually the all-encompassing answer to clean and kill anything unwanted, which makes sense why many would turn to bleach to defeat their mold issue. It can remove stains and is powerful enough to clean bathrooms. While chlorine bleach is able to eradicate surface mold, it does not destroy mold or inhibit its return. It is only able to remove the surface stain for appearance. Bleach is also highly toxic and releases fumes that can irritate and harm people and pets. It can damage the skin, lungs and eyes and is not recommended for use against mold according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Though there may exist remedies to treat mold on your own, it is best to consider the decision and do adequate research before making a move. Since mold can affect the health of everyone inside your home or business, it is your responsibility as the property owner to protect them and make the make the right choice. Mold remediation professionals are a worthwhile investment because they offer the proper experience, techniques and equipment to ensure your property is rid of mold. Choosing to handle a mold issue yourself without having the background to do so can prolong the inevitable and add continual frustration to your life. When you rely on the professionals, you’ll be able to have peace of mind that your home or business is in sanitary condition and the job is done right.

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