Can I Clean Mold Myself?

Although mold occurs naturally outdoors, once it takes up residence in your home after a flood or a water event, it can cause a hefty amount of damage to your home and to your family. Mold damage is tricky, and there is often more damage that you can’t see underneath the surface. Although you may think you are performing mold remediation correctly, there are many steps and a lot of equipment needed to do it successfully. There are certainly some steps you can take as a homeowner to improve the situation, but often a true mold remediation should be done by trusted professionals who have both the equipment and the knowledge to do it right.

Where Does Mold Come From

Mold is everywhere outdoors and is part of the cycle of natural life, but if you have experienced a leak in your home, or some type of water damage, your home is susceptible to mold damage. Although you can often see the telltale black marks and smell the musty odor, there are so many places that mold can hide, and for this reason hiring a mold remediation company is the best way to eradicate the mold from your house. A reputable mold remediation team knows that mold can grow in the following areas:

  • Behind the walls when a pipe leaks
  • Near tubs, toilets, and sinks
  • Behind or under washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators
  • In air vents
  • Inside the ceiling
  • On window sills
  • In wet cardboard box storage
  • Carpets and carpet padding

Mold Remediation Procedures

Once you see and smell that you have mold damage, there are several mold remediation steps you must take. The area where you find the mold damage should be sealed off with plastic and duct tape so you do not infect the rest of the house, but even then the mold spores can get into your air vents. You need to use negative air pressure as you work to keep your family safe. With any drywall, carpet, or possessions that are infected with mold damage and ruined, you must bag them up so you don’t affect the rest of your home when you throw them away. Although there are parts of this process that you can do, there is always the worry that you will not get all of the mold and it will continue to grow.

Benefits of A Mold Remediation Expert

Though many homeowners love a good do-it-yourself project, removing mold from your home really should not be one of them. Mold travels quickly through the air and is dangerous to the structure of your home as well as your health. A reputable mold remediation company has the equipment needed to perform mold remediation correctly, and they also have the knowledge and experience needed. They can also run mold testing and make sure that the job was done correctly after the fact. There are so many dangers to your health and your home if mold is left untreated or treated incorrectly, that trusting your family’s future to your DIY mentality is not the safest method when it comes to mold damage.

Mold is stealthy and strong. Even though it seems like you are cleaning the mold well, there is always hidden damage that you cannot see. A professional mold remediation team is trained to spot the hiding mold, and they have the equipment to eradicate it. You might think you are saving a few bucks doing the project yourself, but attempting mold remediation when you don’t have the knowledge or equipment will be more costly in time, money, and health in the long run.

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